Wednesday, November 16 2016

Zeppelin Zeerip

Our friend Zeppelin Zeerip has launched a Kickstarter to promote, and self publish his book “Don't Call Me Gypsy.” The five-year project is a compilation of his journal entries, which document his travels born from the realization that his dreams of professional snowboarding were no longer an option. For Zeppelin the broken femur that ended his professional ambitions was the final in a series of personal tragedies that included the death of his father and the destruction of his family’s home from fire.

Without snowboarding, which to that point had dictated much of his life, Zeppelin was lost, and hit the road to simply regroup. The road took him through Colorado, Utah, down to Southern California, and then up the West Coast. Zeppelin would put his thoughts and experiences onto his Wordpress site as a form of self-therapy, but he jokingly adds that is was also a way to prove to his mom he was still alive and doing ok. 


As time progressed Zeppelin realized that his combined journal entries were bordering on book length so he began the process of editing and compiling them into that format. Months later the project has produced 180 pages of reflections, introspections, and stories of the road. Since the writing is a compilation of his own journey both physical and emotional through a five-year period Zeppelin also admits that a large part of the editing process involved working with his maturation as a writer of from simple journal entrees to in depth messages meant to convey and elicit emotional responses.


 As part of the process Zeppelin and his friends and partners at WZRD Media have made a mini doc about his journey, which you can enjoy above. If Zeppelin’s journey speaks to you as a snowboarder, wanderer, lover of nature, or as a person seeking to have a deeper understanding of one’s self you can donate to his Kickstarter to help the project. Just click the Kick starter "K" in the upper left corner of the video. 


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