Wednesday, April 09 2014


Saturday March 29th Brighton Resort once again hosted the Volcom PBRJ. The PBRJ is a national rail contest put on by the good folks at Volcom at various resorts through out the winter. Brighton was the 11th and last qualifying stop before the finals in Mammoth on April 19th.  

This year’s build was pretty straightforward; a flat down flat box, a down rail, and a box/pole jam/down box combo. However this seasons judging criteria was a bit different, and it really made the event fun to watch. Instead of the tired “overall impression” scenario this years PBRJ judged each rider on his or her single best trick on each feature. Thus riders had to really use some strategy when riding in their heats. Do you go all out for that huge banger on each feature? Or maybe play it safe and get something solid on each before coming back and stepping up your game.?  The new scoring system also meant that all areas of the contest were given attention by the riders. We’ve all seen those contests where one or two features just seem to get ignored by everyone, but that obviously wasn’t the case here.  The box/pole jam/down box combo definitely saw some of the best tricks and worst falls of the day, but the down rail was a close second. In the end I think the flat-down-flat box was the difference maker. It seemed most riders just wanted to “land something” on that feature and then move on to the other two bigger features for bangers. Ultimately it seems the winners were the riders who took the time to get something big or tech on the smaller box as well giving themselves an all around higher score in the judge’s eyes.

Volcom’s PBRJ always brings out the crowds and this season was no different. With four different divisions and multiple heats within each it was a pretty long day on the hill. Luckily the PBRJ is also known for one other thing; Peanut Butter and Jelly fueled lunch breaks. Toss in some Gatorade plus some chips and all the contestants were adequately recharged for the finals.  

When all was said and done the winners were announced, giant checks were presented, and product was tossed. Congratulations to this years winners and good luck reppin Utah in the finals April 19th. -- Daniel Cochrane

15 & Under Division
1st: Nolan Quinn
2nd: Chandler Hunt
3rd: Edward Enyart
4th: Joey Fava
5th: Cyrus Morgensen


16-21 Division:
1st: Eddie Fauth
2nd: Tristin Heiner
3rd: James Wilson
4th: Pat Fava
5th: Paxon Alexander

Women's Open Division:
1st: Veroniqi Hanssen
2nd: Samantha Kolesky
3rd: Grace Mayernik
4th: Lejawn Allen
5th: Laura Rogoski

Men's Open Division:
1st: Alex Lockwood - $250
2nd: Chadwick Flom - $150
3rd: Treyson Allen - $100
4th: Dillon Guenther
5th: Andrew Tassell

Rev’d Rider: $100 –  Noah Scherman

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: $50 And Electric Shades – Nolan Quinn

Photos -- Jake Vivori

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