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Most industry reviews take place by trying gear at demo days, or over short periods of time via "loaners" from a company. We at Arkade want to give insight to the gear we put through the paces day in and day out each season. Obviously that means it will be the gear we like the most, but it still gives the unique perspective of what "x" feels like 40, 50, or even 100 days into the season. Its not what you get from the average gear review, but it is the information most people want to know before they put down their hard earned dollar. How does the gear stand up over time? What problems creep up after its "broken in"? Get the scoop as we highlight the gear we ride in "Used and Abused"


Dinosaurs Will Die - Wizard Stick

Camber - Crossbreed (Regs under foot/Reverse on tips)

Flex - 4 on Dinos scale of 3-6 (mid-soft)

Sizes - 150 (new for 16/17) 154 and 158

Base - Extruded

Days on Hill - Well over 100

Terrain - Ridden all over the mountain from steeps, trees, and groomers to natural rock and log jibs, and man-made park features.

Ridden/Reviewed by - Daniel (Burritos)


The DWD Wizard Stick was my go to board for all of last season and the first few months of this season. It marked my return to camber (from flat) and I really enjoyed the tight turns and pop that the board willingly gave. DWD markets the board as an all over, do-everything deck, and it truly excels at this. I took it through every possible terrain imaginable short of Alaskan lines and it stood up to everything. This deck saw The Bonezone, tight tree runs, side hits, free riding on Milly at Brighton, rock jibs, spring pow laps at Snowbird, the bike parks of chair 4 at Mammoth, and the Holy Bowly where it stood up to every test.  It can get a little loose on super steep aggressive slopes (Snowbird) but as my go to board I was able to work with it.  Another nice bonus touch is the set back inserts that let you get a little better float on pow days. 

Most impressive feature- The most impressive thing about DWD boards for me is their durability. I beat the shit out of all of my boards and the Dino boards I’ve had have all taken the beating like a champ. No delams, peeling, etc. from a season plus of brutality on this board. If you’re looking for something that can handle everything you throw at it the Wizard Stick (and DWD brand in general) is something that definitely deserves your attention.  Secondly as mentioned above it really does live up to the claim of do it all board which is routinely given, but rarely met. 

Needs Work- The only drawback for the Wizard Stick is the extruded base, which is a slower material than sintered bases. If you routinely wax and maintain your board this is not as much of an issue but honestly I am really, really, REALLY bad at continual board maintenance so I probably made a small disadvantage exponentially worse than it should have been. On the up side Extruded bases are cheaper and stronger so you got that going for you. 

Final Assessment – I would totally rock this board until the end of time. It’s fun, versatile, and durable. The only reason I went with a different deck this year was to support the homie Chris Brewster with his new pro model (Still a DWD tho).  If you ride park mountains in the mid-west/back east or like jibby freeriding out west at PC, Brighton etc. you’ll love this board. If you want an aggressive steep mountain board this will do the trick for occasional trips to Snowbird, but long term you may want to go a bit stiffer in the DWD line.


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Disclaimer. The Wizard Stick was given to me (Daniel) by Arkade Magazine in lieu of services. No agreement was made for reciprocation in the form of review. All opinions are my own and unsolicited. 


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