Wednesday, October 01 2014


Thirty-Two makes rad boots, they have an insane team, and they are always down to support snowboarding.  That pretty much sums it all up right there, but we can go a bit deeper. You know we can name some names, give you some specifics, dot our “i’s” cross our “t’s” after all it is the internet and we have to make sure we can support our assertions with facts.

Claim 1 “Thirty-Two makes rad boots”

No matter what you are looking for Thirty-Two has you covered.  Do you want something that is soft right off the shelf? Try the JP Walker Model or The Maven. Looking for something a bit stiffer yet still able to slay it in the park or all over the resort? Please allow us to introduce you to the Lashed or the tad bit stiffer TM2. Maybe for you it’s more about big lines and steeps, well then The Prime is right up your alley. No matter how or where you like to ride Thirty-Two can get you hooked up.

Claim 2 “They have an insane team”

It’d be easy to just spit out some boot names and tell you they perform as promised. However we will just add a few names of Thirty-Two team members who are the upper echelon of riding to let you know these boots get it done: JP Walker, Stevens, Sexton, Thompson, Grenier, Frank April, Bradshaw, Danny Larson, and newest members Big Mtn Jeremy Jones and Desiree Melancon.  That list alone should let you know the boots deliver as promised, but let us toss out the am crew as well just to make sure you get the point: Spencer Schubert, Brandon Hobush, Dylan Alito, Benny Urban, Chris Brewster, Johnny O’Connor, and Toni Kerkela. Any questions?

Claim 3 “They support snowboarding”

This is the clincher for us. Thirty-Two is just plain down to lift snowboarding up. Whether it is special edition digger boots for crews around the country, the amazing 32 Day each year at Brighton, the rad collabs with Crab Grab and Spring Break, or the Hood Rat line of summer gear Thirty-Two knows that giving back to the sport that allows them to do what they do is a crucial element to their success. That’s pretty darn special if you ask us. 

Photo: Oli Gagnon 
Images courtesy of Thirty Two

Team Two Boot: $279.95
Blythe Jacket: $219.95
Wooderson Pant: $169.95   
Rest Stop Jacket: $69.95 
Companion Socks: $21.95

Lashed Boot: $209.95
Sesh Jacket: $189.95
Basement Pant: $149.95   
The Duece Jacket: $67.95 
Wallride Socks: $21.95

Light Boot: $179.95
Lowdown Insulated Jacket: $209.95
Blahzay Pant: $179.95   
Lowdown Jacket: $189.95 
Unagi Socks: $25.95

Session Boot: $259.95
Shiloh 2 Insulated Jacket: $209.95
Slauson Pant: $159.95   
Shiloh Jacket: $189.95 


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