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French born artist Lucas Beaufort has become quite the celebrity with his inventive cover embellishments of skate and snowboarding magazines from around the globe. We took a few minutes to talk with him about his art. – Daniel Cochrane

Name: Lucas Beaufort 
Age: 33 
From: Cannes (France) 
Now Resides: Cannes 
Self Taught or schooled?  Self taught. I started quite late to paint (25 yo). 
Inspirations: Nature, lakes, skateboarding, travel, music (bowerbirds / Patrick Watson). 

Arkade: We all have art class in grade school, but for many that is where it ends. How did art become something more for you?

LB: It started from nowhere. It was for Christmas, I didn’t know what to offer to my brother so I painted something and framed it. I was surprised he liked it! Since then (8 years ago) I've never missed a day. 


Arkade: How would you describe your style and how has it evolved to become what it is today?

LB: I don’t really know how to describe it. I like it funny, and I like monsters. I like them all, big, small with two heads. I don’t take it too seriously. I’m always trying to improve my style so I guess I have a life to go where I wanna go.




Arkade: What mediums do you work in? Is there one you primarily work with or are you constantly creating something out of whatever you can get your hands on? 

LB: I only use acrylic paint and a little bit of black marker. Actually I like to use the same mediums but I like to change the support. I don’t want to get bored so I paint on everything; a bottle of wine, paper, tree trunks, even skin. I would love to paint an aircraft if someone got one. 

Arkade: Are you constantly creating or do you work in creative bursts?

LB: I’m constantly creating. Even when I sleep I think about what’s gonna be next.  


Arkade: How has art influenced your life, and in return how do you hope your art influences others lives? 

LB: Every single day is a challenge for me. I can’t spend a day doing nothing. I need to create otherwise I think that art helps me in my everyday life but not just my art. Everything around me looks different now, it’s strange to explain but I feel like I have a mission. I always believed in this idea of bringing people together for a good cause. That’s why in June 2014 I have launched The LB project ( in order to make art accessible to all, and also to support Skateistan ( 

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