Saturday, October 01 2016

The Bonezone Brighton, Year 2

As the winter season fast appraoches the woods of Brighton Resort are filled with activity. Operations is laying out snow making euipment, trail crews are tidying up existing trails, moose out there doing moose things, and for the second year Ted Borland, Alex Andrews, and assorted volunteers are building The Bonezone at Brighton Resort. 

Last years inaugural season was more about seeing what didn't work than seeing what did for both Brighton and for Ted and Alex. This year there has been a few changes most notably with the fact that there is going to be two Bonezones. Yes that is correct, two areas of handmade DIY goodness at Brighton Resort.

The Pre-Season Zone (Zone 1)

Zone one wil be the pre-season Bonezone and is located on the Millicent side of the mountain. This keeps pre-season hikers out of the way of operations while they work to get the main side of the mountain open as soon as possible. Zone 1 has a handful of rails, maillboxes, orange barricades, and logs to keep evereyone entertained. Chris Grenier's donations, last years green Change That Tape rail and the new Change That Kink rail, are in this area. The new Change That Kink rail is a down flat down with the last down section being removable. The ground is pretty mellow and rock free which allows for jibbing with minimal amounts of snowfall. There should be some amazing edits coming from this new pre-season Bonezone. Plans are for this area to continue to operate until the Milly side of the mountain opens (typically mid-December). Please bring your shovel, a good attitude, and clean up your trash while you're there. 

The Regular Season Zone (Zone 2)

The regular season zone is on the main mountain side, and will be designed to have multiple entrance areas as well as allow riders to incorporate the area in their top to bottom Crest-Majestic park laps. The officail announcement of it's location will come as its opening nears, but for the time being just have fun in Zone 1. ZONE 2 IS NOT OPEN TO PRE-SEASON HIKING both Ted and Brighton can not stress this enough. Operations needs to do their thing with snow making and after all of that is complete Zone 2 will be ready. This area is where some of the larger features are being built, but even those are not quite like last years features. This years stuff is a bit more mellow to allow more people to have fun. (Ted also jokingly admits Alex has not been able to build anything yet which is why "mellow" is still the overall theme). A few of last years features have made their way to this new zone but most are newly built and include a rainbow, some pole jams, re-directs, some sort of wierd kinda s log that we built yesterday, a down flat, and a couple of fire cracker features. Most notable this year is that the features are a bit more mobile which should allow for some fun combos as well as help in keeping them above the snow through out the season. Just as with Zone 1 bring a good attitude, and clean up your trash. Like last year's initial season this on mountain zone's success will be measured by how well you, the day to day Brighton rider, represents snowboarding. Don't screw this up ... just saying. 

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