Monday, August 25 2014


Just like that, the days are getting shorter, temps are cooling, and school is starting back up; and before long, the leaves will be changing colors, setting the mountain vistas on fire. Therefore, we have the final entry of the summer series for this season, which spotlights Sean Genovese and the brand he co-founded, Dinosaurs will Die. 

Sean is one of the most genuine people in the industry and has a solid grasp on what is really important to the lifestyle that is snowboarding. That understanding serves the Dinosaurs Will Die brand well, and while the summer time seems like it could be a tricky season for a core snowboarding company like DWD, the reality is that the summer makes for time well spent for both the brand and for the man behind it. From last minute filming, to meeting business deadlines, Sean and crew milk the proverbial summer tit dry when it comes to getting the most out of their summer. Between acting as photographer, filmer, business man and primarily snowboarder, Geno somehow found some time while on the volcano to answer a few questions about what he and Dinos do in the summer…

Arkade: How do you use your summers? Are they more of a time for work or pleasure for you?  

Geno: Since the end of the winter is usually packed with events and last minute filming, the early part of the summer is usually all catch up; trying to get on top of as much stuff as possible.  It's work... but I enjoy it.  The breaks from work in the summer aren't spent rushing to the mountains to film, so it's nice to get a chance to ride at Hood, work on other projects, and tool on the motorcycles.



Arkade: Are there any "must-do's" in the summer for you, or do you just go with what comes along? 

Geno: As far as summer activities?  Naw... no "must-do's"... just roll with it.  I try my best to park the car so it collects a bunch of dust, and ride the motorcycle as much as possible.  


Arkade: I think I heard you are up at Mt Hood right now, and I remember seeing you up there last year as well. Is each summer the same for you? Is that a good thing?  

Geno: Yeah, I'm in Never Never Land as I'm typing this.  Naw, the summers are always different... I try to get to camp for at least one session in the summer if I can.  This summer we sponsored HCSC, so we're trying to be up here as much as possible.  Gettin' kids hyped, riding as much as we can.  I've been pretty slammed with some deadlines still, but I make sure to sneak away as much as possible.     


Arkade: Have you ever "chased winter"? Like, gone down to S. America or anything during our summer? 

Geno: I've never done that.  I'd like to make the time to get to Australia in the near future though.  I think I'd like to go to South America, but maybe not to snowboard.  I'd like to explore around that place.


Arkade: Do you hang out with the same group of people in the summer as you do in the winter? 

Geno: Yeah... for the most part.  I only hang out with people that I love... and I love hanging out with them all the time.  

Arkade: As far as DWD is concerned, what is different in the summer vs the winter? 

Geno: In the winter the schedule gets blown out of the water... my schedule is dictated more by the weather.  The summer I get to just grind out work.


Arkade: There are plenty of people (sometimes myself included) who wish away most of the hot summer days in anticipation for winter. Do you find yourself doing this, or do you try to make the most of each season? 

Geno: Naw, you've gotta appreciate 'em all!  Besides, pow days, the shoulder seasons are the best... In the fall the colours are insane, and you know winter is just around the corner; and in spring the sun starts to pop, everything comes to life, and you're riding at your best.  


Interviewed by Mark Seguin 

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