Thursday, July 17 2014


Taxes, death and summer… a handful of sufferings that are inevitable in life; if you live in a four-season climate like Utah, that is. However, with the right approach, summer does not need to be placed in that bemoaned category. The Summer Series aims to provide a glimpse into what some of your favorite brands do to make the summer months not only bearable, but actually enjoyable.

Kicking things off is the company that provides affordable, stylish and durable eyewear: Dang Shades. Chris Beresford, the man behind the brand, has found a niche that allows him to blur the lines between work and leisure, “…it still doesn't really feel like a job; it's just the life that I never thought was possible… After the Christmas rush things slow up, so I can pretty much snowboard every day. I do fair amount of my Dang work at night, so I'll just drop shades off at the post office on the way up to the hill.” Even with that happy marriage between work and play, it doesn’t change the definition of the word work for him, “[Summer] is pretty crazy. Lately I've been putting in forty to fifty hours at home in the office, just dealing with distributors and day to day online orders. I do have one employee, Mike, who takes care of online orders, but I still deal with all the emails!” Staying engaged and not becoming complacent with where his brand is at, Beresford has been using his summer to work on what is up next for Dang Shades, “…I've been working on goggles and coming up with new colorways and all the other random things that it takes to run a business!”

As if keeping the Dang Shades machine humming along smoothly is not enough to keep Chris busy, he really knows how to make the most of his summer free time, “…camping, golfing, skating, riding my dirt bike, ripping the Honda Ruckus around town for no reason, riding my mountain bike, and I just got a pool, so I think on hot summer days in SLC you'll find me in the backyard!” Spend just a few minutes perusing the @DangShades handle on Instagram, and it becomes apparent that Chris has a solid crew that he rolls with pretty much year round. The likes of Alex Andrews, Chris Grenier and many others make up that crew, “…we are for sure year round buddies! Some aren’t into all the same shenanigans, but we all hang out on the regular!”


Everyone uses their summer different. The really lucky ones get to spend it chasing winter around the globe, others spend it on a glacier, Mt Hood style, some hibernate all summer, and some do what Chris does, “I guess I'm just doing the same thing I've always loved doing my entire childhood.  Just have to make sure I take care of life and make sure the bills are paid on time!  Little more stress at times but I keep fun on the priority list.” - Mark Seguin

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