Friday, April 03 2015


After 10 long months Mac and Sam Spedale are ready to reopen shred haven pizzeria Spedelli’s. It has been a long and crazy trip but the new spot, located at 2991 East on 3300 South (just down from Milo and Salty’s) is finally ready for business and will open Tuesday April 7th at noon. We caught up with Sam and Mac to get the info and why they moved, what took so damned long to get opened up, and what everyone can expect from Spedelli’s 2.0


Arkade: So let’s get right to the chase, what happened to the old spot? Why did you move?

Mac: Our building was sold to a hotel. The building had seen better days so the owner decided to let it go.

Sam: They are building a Hilton there now. We had a couple years left on the lease and our landlord was the man. He made it a sweet deal for us. He hooked us up with all of the restaurant equipment and a little bit of money to get a new location and here we are.


Arkade: So it took a hot minute to find a new spot. What was the hold up?

Sam: We put an offer on eight different spots and there was always some issue; they didn't want pizza, or the rent was too high, or they wanted fine dining, or too much work had to be done to the inside. There was just a bunch of random things that wouldn’t work out at each place. We finally found this spot and no one had put in an offer and we feel this is actually the best location we looked at.

Arkade: What do you like about this particular location?

Mac: It is right in the neighborhood, next to the snowboard shops, climbing gym, and the other outdoorsy retail places. We live close by too and we are not too far from the old place…

Sam: Only about a mile…

Mac: Right, which should help retain some clientele, and it is a really busy shopping center as well. It is also a little bit bigger location so that helps.


Arkade: Looking around you have definitely upped your game a good bit. This place feels a bit more refined; still Spedelli’s but polished up a little bit. Was the move, unplanned as it was, a blessing in disguise?

Mac: Definitely. We knew with the old spot what changes we needed but once you’re up and running changes can sometimes take months or even longer if you don't shut down. This was a perfect place and opportunity where we could start with a blank slate and do everything how we wanted it.

Sam: We learned from the old location what we wanted to change and what would work better as far as flow from both a cooking and customer standpoint.


Arkade: So what, besides the appearance, is the biggest change customers will see?

Mac: Liquor!

Sam: Not as divey and yes we got a liquor license.  The old place was great to start and it worked out perfect for us but we are ready to graduate and step up.

Arkade: Since it is a new spot will there still be the ability to have events: bands, art shows, movie premieres etc.?

Sam: Oh yeah. We can still do it all.

Mac: All of our neighbors close around eight so there shouldn't be anyone to piss off.

Arkade: Any closing remarks?

Sam: Thanks to all the snowboarders that supported us from our slow times and helped get us through, our parents, and everyone else that has been there for the past couple years. It has been great employing our friends and helping out.

Mac: Thanks everyone!

Follow Spedelli’s on the gram @Spedellis and stay tuned for some exciting Arkade promotions to coincide with the opening … see you Tuesday April 7th!

— Daniel Cochrane

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