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You know that old saying “he’s a man’s man”? Well Nick Dirks is a snowboarder’s snowboarder. He oozes style and radness, both on and off his snowboard. He has been showcasing that style and radness for the last six years with Videograss. It took a minute and some coordination, but I was able to catch up with Nick to talk about his time with Videograss, what he’s been up to this season and a little bit about what he does with his time in Salt Lake.

How was your season been?
It was super good. Probably one of the most productive ones I’ve had in the last four or five years.

As far as getting clips, or just overall good?
I guess overall. I’ve definitely been on a bunch of filming trips, but it’s just seems successful everywhere we’ve been. It’s been good because we haven’t struck out anywhere yet. I guess I should knock on some wood.


Staying healthy is a huge part of that…
Yeah, of course.

With the season pretty much done, what are your plans for the rest of your filming season?
I pretty much wrapped up filming on that last trip to Utah, maybe I’ll get some park stuff or something.

You were just in Utah, I saw you brought your dirt bike…
Yeah, I thought I was going to be able to get out and ride with Grendys and Danimals and all those guys out in the desert, but it never ended up happening. Next time.

At least you arrived just in time for one of our legendary spring dumps.
Yeah, it was pretty epic powder. Is it done now, or is it still going?

Nah, you got the goods, only snowing a bit now.
Yeah, we went up and build some jumps and filmed in Grizzly Gulch. We also got some time in at Brighton; definitely fun.

There are always several big storms in Utah in the spring, do you make it a point to come out here because of that, or is it just if you get one, you get one?
I just kinda go out there, you know? It’s not that far from Oregon and I usually go hang out with Justin and kinda wait around and see if we can make something work.

While you are in Salt Lake, what are your must-do’s around town?
In the spring time, I like to go to the 9th & 9th skate park. B&D Burger for sure; I used to live behind it about four or five years ago, so I used to go there all the time. Oh, I usually try to get tattooed by a couple people there too.

Any new ink this trip?
No, I was going to, but I ended up just tailin’ it home.

Without spot leaking, where besides Salt Lake do you like to film and ride in Utah?
Honestly, I don’t know too much about it even though I lived there for a little bit. I usually just hit up Brighton, or some spots that locals would show me. I spent a bunch of time at RGs too. I only lived there for like a year at a time and then I would go on trips, so I was kind of at the mercy of others showing me spots.

Salt Lake has always been known as a staple spot to film and ride. This year, however, it seems to have sort of “re-emerged” as a must-go spot. Why do you think that is?
I mean it’s got a city for entertainment purposes, the mountains are really close and it snows in the city as well which really opens up a lot of options. I moved out there when I was eighteen right out of high school because I knew I could get a job and that I could film and be close to the mountains, so it wasn’t really far from anything, you know?

Yeah. It’s just interesting, like did the allure of Salt Lake ever really go away, or is the up and coming generation just extra hyped on it…
I think it just comes in waves. People in general get more stoked on snowboarding from time to time.

Since we’re talking about filming, do you remember your first part with Videograss?
Yeah, I do. It was the self-titled Videograss movie…

What was that, 08-09?
Let’s see, they’re on their sixth video now? Yeah, I think that’s right.

How have you and your riding changed from then to the upcoming video Mayday?
I don’t know if it has changed. I don’t know. I’m not saying that I have reached my peak, or that I can’t improve my snowboarding or whatever. I guess I still look at snowboarding the same, I’m still having just as much fun doing it and I still have the same eye for looking at spots and stuff.


I’ve only seen the trailer, but Mayday looks amazing. How hyped are you on it? 
I’m really hyped on it. It’s really cool to be part of Videograss for this long. I think I have had a part, or at least half a part, in every video since the first one. It’s cool to still be part of something that still seems like it is growing and improving every year.

Growing the right way, too…
Yeah, for sure.

What have you gained from being part of the Videograss family for so many years? <
I would say the relationships and making so many good friends. Meeting people I’ve looked up to for a long time and being able to ride with them and finally go on trips with them and become cool with them; it’s cool.

Which person had you looked up to the most that you have now met and are cool with?
I’d have to say the whole crew, man. I think Justin did a good job in picking who was going to be part of the project.

Any specific moments that jump out at you as being “best” moments of filming with Videograss?
Man, that’s like searching for a needle in a haystack… I’d say like, the whole experience. There are so many things that have happened. It’s always like, every trip you go on when you get home you talk about being the funniest or best trip ever. It’s just fresh every time.

Alright, so what’s the sketchiest moment you’ve had filming with them?
I don’t know if this is THE sketchiest, but it might have been. It was the first year with Videograss and the first trip ever; we decided to go to Flint, Michigan. It was just deserted and destroyed. We stayed for like five days in this hotel and the local market had like, bulletproof windows and you had to slide your money through this little slot to get a six pack or whatever.

Pretty eye opening trip then…
Yeah, it was cool. Like, so this is going to be Videograss… hanging out in slummy places with all my friends, it was pretty cool.

Speaking of sketchy things, how cold was that stream you ended up in from The Last Ones?
It wasn’t too cold because it was springtime, but it might have been sewage… no it definitely wasn’t raw sewage but it was like city street run off water that was all nasty and yellow and foamy.

Are you going to be in the next Videograss Trick Tips video? 
Uhhh… I don’t know. [laughs] I didn’t even really know they still did those anymore…

I don’t think they do, BUT, if they did, what trick would you teach? What’s the one thing you would want to teach the up and comers?
Um, I don’t know… Maybe a sad air. I’ve been doing a lot of those lately, they’re pretty fun.

Sweet, lets finish this up with some shout outs!
Yeah, thank you to Justin Meyer and the whole Videograss crew. Airblaster, for helping me since pretty much day one. K2, Ashbury, Stinky Socks, Daryl at Howl… I think that’s all.


Interview: Mark Seguin
Photos: Bob Plumb

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