Tuesday, September 06 2016


How was your summer?  It’s the traditional Salt Lake September query heard so many times as snowboard friends come back to town after a summer of camps, travels, campfires, skateboarding, or sometimes even due to falling off the radar while putting in as many hours as possible on the time clock to save up and get by during the winter months.  The summer months culminate at the traditional high five-fest known as the Milosport Pro Sale held annually the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The event has become the traditional jumping off point as summer activities give way to dreams of pow slashes and park laps, and this year’s event was no different.

        Fact: E-Stone was already standing in the field selling gear when they broke ground for Milo Sport in '84

 Cody Lee came down from the north country (Ogden) to sell some wares

For the riders it's a chance to secure that rent deposit on a new lease, get some cash in hand in between summer/winter paychecks, or at least score some beer money. For the buyers it's a chance to meet the professionals they see in videos, talk snowboarding with friends, and take a deep breath, as we all get ready for the first snowfall. For yours truly it's a chance to secure some story ideas, touch base to see where everyone’s head is at, grab some Hector’s right down the road, and add to my ever-increasing sticker addiction. We knocked out the first issue’s interview today in the unofficial Arkade interview room aka the MiloSport tune shop as well so all in all it was a good day.

    Gravedigger, Christian Buling, and Mike Rav are Flyinggg through their inventory ... see what we did there?

   Dang look at that spread. Chris Beresford of Dang Shades shows off a successful days harvest of greenbacks.

There is of course the usual mix of slightly used goods at the event as well as original works of art, short run t-shirt designs, product not even for sale in shops but for me its always fun to search out the occasional oddity. My favorite this year was a hybrid Salomon Villain with an Ultimate Ride bottom sheet, and another that pops into mind was two years ago when Brandon Hammid was selling a blacked out Arbor Zygote Twin three months before its sale date and a month before Arbor even acknowledged its existence. These things are a collectors dream and diamonds in the rough if you are lucky enough to find them in the chaos. I don't collect (boards that is I mean we already addressed my sticker fetish) I just like to see and appreciate them.

 If you were looking for Forum Devun Walsh 130, Alex andrews had you covered!

                              The Lick the Cat crew was in full force complete with matching attire...

Over the years is the transition of riders as snowboarding has gone through its inevitable cycle of rise/retirement. Only Jeremy Jones, Bjorn Leines, and long time stand by E-Stone are left from “the old days” but they are still as successful as always in the exchange of goods for cold hard cash. The Lick the Cat kids, Hot Vodka crew, Flyinggg Jpeg collective, as well as seasoned SLC riders Chris Grenier, Ted Borland, Cale Zima, Ozzy Henning, Nirvana Ortanez, Alex Andrews, Brandon Hobush, and a plethora of Reps as well as local shop kids/rippers rounded out the sales force.

                          Family photo Bundy, Nirvana Ortanez, and Louis.

 Staxwood is dialing in his Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson Halloween costume.

The hype was real, the lines were long, the set up was the biggest yet, and in just under three hours it was over. Take down/clean up crews made quick work of the fencing/trash and Milo was back to business as usual. If you missed the sale have no fear it will return next season, but in the mean time you can partake in Milo Salt Lake’s new consignment area, which will go up in just a few short weeks. See you at the impending movie premieres. 

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