Thursday, August 18 2016


Two years ago the most epic of winters hit New England (I mean look we are STILL talking about it) and snowboard crews from all over North America spent many hours in the streets getting clipped up. One of the most notable movies from those sessions was last years release, Rendered Useless. JonStark (currently working with VG for their new movie this fall), Matt Robarge (currently peddling vintage Camel and Coca Cola fashion), and Eli Olsen have made their gritty masterpiece available online in all its glory. It is truely an amazing effort and includes standout parts from Johnny Brady, Mary Rand,Daniel "Vinny" Vinzant, Ethan Deiss, Mike Rav, and of course the part that won Cole Navin rookie of the year honors (and put an Alanis Morisette song on my snowboarding playlist).  

Here for your pleasure is a gallery of shots from Ian Boll taken through out the filming of the movie. It captures some of the raw moments behind the scenes and theres even a few images of shots you see in the film. ian was gracious enough to drop a few lines about a few of the pics as well. So watch the masterpiece and enjoy these shots from one of last years favorites, Rendered Useless. 

John Stark

This was one of the first days that i met up with the crew and i walked right into Jordan Morse battling a FSboard on this infamous triple kink. Worchester, MA 

When Channel 4 news hears Vinny's in town...

Johnny Brady respects Pepsi, East Boston.

Cole Navin almost didnt attempt this trick, but Stark is a very persuasive human.

Boston Harbor meets Aldridge and Stark.

Vinny from the highest point south of Bean town.

Two images of Cole Martin shot on the same frame 4 months apart completely by accident. What happens when you dont rewind your film all the way back into the roll and then shoot it again.

So we were all having a time sessioning this spot under the bridge when a guy pulls up and walks over. We anxiously awaited a proper Bostonian kickout, but it turned out the guy just wanted to invite us to his brewery down the street. He drove off and then came back about 20 minutes later with a case full of beer, which we opened immediately and started drinking.  Stark got drunk and filmed Aldridge boardsliding over Boston. 


Photos by Ian Boll
Words by Daniel Cochrane

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