Thursday, September 24 2015


“We aren’t really like other shops you know. I mean we don't even have accounts with brands. Well, actually we have one account with Baker Boys Distribution so we could get Deathlens, but other than that it is pretty casual” 

Billy Ditzig owner/operator of Goodlooks in Salt Lake City may not have a traditional business model but that hasn't prevented the shop from becoming a quick success in its brief lifespan. 

“Honestly it is going way better than we expected. I mean we can pay the bills and for us that is a huge win you know. We didn't expect to be where we are so soon.”                                   

The shop, located at 933 South Edison Avenue, is an eclectic mix of snow and skate hard goods as well as street apparel, shoes, and accessories for both guys and girls. What sets Goodlooks apart from other area shops is its heavy dose of local goods.

“We have a good bit of local gear. I wanted this to be a place where these companies that are just starting out can have a place for kids to come down and see their product. We have Ste’, Curblife, Uki Hoods, ShortBus, and Scout Board Company just to name a few.  Bozung rolled in the other day and was so down he loaded us up with some BozWreck Decks. I guess technically we are the only BozWreck retailer in the U.S.” 

In addition to supporting local brand owners Goodlooks is also doing as much as they can to help out local consumers as well. 

“Snowboarding is expensive and it sucks when you break a board and have to shell out hundreds to get another one. We are going to try and keep a few decks in the store so if that happens you can come down here and pick up something on the cheap. It wont be new but it will be cheap and at least get you back on the hill until you can gather up funds.” 

In another effort to support local consumers Goodlooks offers to buy quality used goods for resale at the store. So feel free to bring in your stuff for some cash. Billy offers this advice; “bring in nice stuff not food stained and haggard gear that has seen better days. No one wants to buy that. Remember we are the middlemen,  and everything we buy we have to resell for slightly more. We can give you a fair price but not a premium price. I mean obviously we need to make a little bit of cash too. Finally we don't really do too much consignment. We do have some consignment worked out with some local riders who bring in gear. In their case it is because we couldn't give them the cash that the amount of gear they bring in would require, but for the average person bringing in a piece or two we prefer to make an up front cash offer. “ 

So there you have it. Whether you are looking to grab a new piece of gear or maybe get rid of a piece or two come down and see Billy and the gang at Goodlooks. Salt Lake’s newest shop that is looking out for the little guy.

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- By Daniel Cochrane
- Photos by Dave Brewer and Jake Vivori

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