Monday, October 26 2015


In the October issue of Arkade Brock Nielsen of Absinthe Films discussed his recipe for a great video. To Brock it was all about editing music and action to create a total package that effects viewers on a subconcious level. "They dont know why they like it, they just do" he told us. So we caught up with Brock and asked him to give us a handful of examples of what he was referring to. Here are five picks by Brock along with a few bits of insight as to why he picked each. 

Alien Workshop - Mindfield

This movie is just one of my all time favorites. Greg Hunt (film maker) killed it with this one. Jake Johnson's part is a favorite.

Burning Bridges - Shelby Menzel/MFM

This video was a huge inspiration for me when I first started filming. The music, the filming, the editing its all on point. It was something refreshing and exciting to watch when it came out, and I studied this video like no other. Shelby will always be an all time favorite of mine. MFM's song and personality are a match made in heaven here.

Alien Workshop - Cinematographer Prjoect/Benny Magalino

This edit just gets me stoked, it's pure skateboarding at its finest. Benny keeping Alien afloat after Greg Hunt left and before they revamped everything. Just watch AVE's push at 2:53...

Volcom Stone - The Bruce Movie

This ending section in The Bruce Movie is an all time favorites for sure. The in-water filming and song choice is pristine. Pay attention to the music and the slashes being had.

Volcom Stone - Enscramble

When I first saw this movie I hated it because I didnt understand it. Sometimes you need a different perspective watching certain movies. This movie has amazing filming, music, and editing as well. Bjorn murdering shit.

See the influence of these videos and more in Absinthe's new feature Eversince edited by Brock Nielsen. Available now on iTunes.

- By Daniel Cochrane
- Photo by Bob Plumb

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