Friday, May 20 2016


For one night only, our worlds collided. Three of our favorite creative universes converged on the Photo Collective under the moniker Audio/Visuals. Art, music, and an underlying love of skating and snowboarding all joined forces for this single night spectacle. What better way to celebrate the emergence of a redefined Arkade than with a local event that encompasses nearly all of our passions? The unique and inspiring talents of Davidaisy, Christian Buling, and Gravedi99er lined the walls of the Photo Collective as the air filled with the raw and eclectic sounds of Salt Lake’s own Hot Vodka. As the free PBR flowed like the River Styx, my already mediocre photography skills began to slump as the shutters snapped into the night.

Davidaisy hyped on the night.Davidaisy hyped on the night.

Christian Buling, all smiles.

The final visual artist of the night, the mythical Gravedi99er performing his mating dance.

Davidaisy setting the tone with the entrance art.

Inspired by snowboarding.

A Christian Buling original.

Tyler Hubbel: Snowboarder, local legend, and now art collector.

A flaming break from the chaos.

Night fuel.

Hot Vodka gets the people going.

Dance parties are sure to break out.

Hot Vodka and their dirty headbanging groupies.

The best bands chug wine.

Mike Rav absorbed in the audio.

Durell Williams, an audio artist in his element.

Davidaisy resting his instruments.

Huge thank you to Dave and Jude of the Photo Collective for hosting this slew of talented dirtbags at their prestigious studio. Shouts to the artists who decorated the night with both audio and visuals, and a special shout out to Amanda Hankison for continuing to be the best boss behind the scenes. - photos and words by Jacob Malenick

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