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From slinging zah's at Spedelli's in SLC to peddlin dogs at Cobra Dogs in Mt. Hood Ride's Alex Sherman is always making moves ...

Arkade: So lets come out swinging and start with the biggest news for you over the last year or so; the move to Ride.

Alex: Yeah man this was my first full season with Ride. I jumped on mid-season January of 2014. It was an awesome year. I got to go to a few different places for them and it was rad to have a company behind me that was really interested in supporting me. They couldn't always do everything but they always did something for me you know. Even down to just being able to get some boards when I needed them. I knew if I was in a pinch like need a deck ASAP they had my back you know. The crew they have built is great too, Spencer, Dillon, Danimals are great guys.

Arkade: They have definitely made some moves. You mentioned the crew…. those guys all came on board this season where, as you mentioned, you came in the previous year. Was there any trepidation there? I mean it was a little bit of a gamble to come in on the ground floor with Tedore at the helm trying to make his mark and all that you know.

Alex: Yeah it was right when Tedore left Capita, my previous sponsor, and it got harder there. I couldn't see myself going anywhere with them (Capita) and I’m getting older too of course and I want more of a commitment from a brand you know. I want to know that I’m backing a brand and at the same time the brand is backing me as well. It was cool you know to get in early and I’m glad its working out so well so soon. What they are doing as a brand is cool and the team is fun too. My first board back in the day was a Ride so it’s cool to come around full circle. The board I’m on now is The Kink. Next year’s is so good. The shape is awesome, it is regular camber, and it is the perfect flex. I rode that most of the year and it is a really good board.

Rob Mathis Photo
Photo: Rob Mathis

Arkade: So you mentioned you went a few places last season, where did you go?

Alex: I only went on a couple of trips but they were both really long trips.

Arkade: Well this past season was definitely the season of no one being in Salt Lake.

Alex: Yeah for sure there was no snow in Salt Lake so it was pretty much abandoned. Before Christmas I went to Michigan with Bode and Harrison Gordon. We were there for five weeks and during that whole time other riders would come and go; J-Rob, Garret Warnick, and Ozzy all came out at different times. That was awesome we were in Marquette and Houghton for most of it, and we ended up staying for a long time. I came back to Salt Lake for a bit and was able to film my iRide Park City edit and then headed to Boston with pretty much everyone else in snowboarding.

Arkade: Who did you hook up with in Boston?

Alex: I got up with Spencer Schubert, Johnny O’Conner and Skylar Brent who were filming for the 32 movie. Oh I guess I should say while I was in Michigan I got word that I would be filming for Videograss, which was sick. So that's why I was able to hook up with the 32 crew because they have so much overlap between VG and 32 on the production side. So yeah Boston, Connecticut, and New Hampshire for my first trip filming on the East Coast and I guess I picked a good year for it. There was so much snow. There were even times when we didn't know if we would be able to hit a spot because of the amounts of snow. It was a rad experience for my first time really being on the East Coast for a prolonged amount of time. I had great tour guides and it ended up being pretty productive 6 weeks. After that trip I came back to SLC and that pretty much ended my season.

Arkade: Did you get clipped up?

Alex: Yeah I feel like I got some good shots you know. Definitely the best I’ve felt coming out of a season. Great features, great crews, and filmers and photographers which if course is always crucial.

Arkade: So you bounced around with quite a handful of crews, Absinthe, VG, the 32 crew, and even a bit of Think Thank at the end of the season. Its like you’re going for the Grendy cameo role when he had shots in almost every movie a few years back ha-ha.

Alex: Yeah for sure I was definitely all over. What was sick about hanging with the 32 crew for example was that most of them weren’t VG riders so my clips at their spots wont be in the same film you know.

Arkade: You also went to Japan with Ride as well correct?

Alex: Yeah that was 2014 the year I jumped on.

Arkade: Oh man i didnt realize it was in 2014. I guess nothing says support from a company like "welcome to the team now get to Japan" haha.

Alex: Exactly. It was super sick because we did more of an urban mission than pow. We went to the Northern tip of the main island and filmed in lots of cool spots. It was cool to just see all the different cities and stay at rad little businessmen hotels you know. I think most people think Japan and they think powder but it has some great urban stuff too you know. This season Japan seemed to be getting a lot of love from pretty much everyone so it was rad to get over there before all of that. Shoma and Teddy Koo were our guides and Hironaka went as well as a filmer from ride Tommy Little.

Arkade: Ok enough of all the chitchat lets get down to the serious stuff. You’ve worked at Cobra Dogs for a handful of seasons both a winter in PC and a handful of summers in Hood. Let’s talk about that Cobra Dogs candy game because we all know that game is strong.

Alex: Oh man you know we got all you need. Nerds Ropes, Sour Punch Straws, we got Zotz, regular Nerds, Sour Punch Rope. We had Kazoozles but Sweet Tarts bought them out and changed the name.

Arkade: What!?

Alex: I know it's a conspiracy.

Arkade: It's the damned Sweet Tart Illuminati is what it is.

Alex: Exactly, oh and of course we got FunDip cannot forget about the FD.

Arkade: I really need to work on my stick to powder FunDip ratio. I’m always getting ahead of myself and eating all of the stick and then having to use my finger for the FunDip.

Alex: There’s a science to it.

Arkade: All right before we go let me give you a chance to give your thanks and shout outs to the homies out there.

Alex: Thanks to Ride, Tedore, Adidas, Evan LeFebvre, Smith, Cobra Dogs, Spedelli’s, Matty Mo, Cory, Scotty Arnold, DTale, Stoyach, Mary Jane, Rap Music, Techno Music, House music, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and all the homies I forgot to mention when you put me on the spot.

Photo: Bode Merrill

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