Thursday, January 08 2015


2015 Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese

Over the last few years I’ve ridden a handful of boards, most of them utilizing some kind of reverse camber. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a blast riding them, but the 2015 Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese is a breath of fresh air. Thanks to the flat camber, and being a little on the stiff side (which is perfect for my 6’2” 200lb frame) I have spent more time than usual on hill this season going fast and turning. Not that I didn’t do those things on the other boards, but man, this one is fun. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a jib board at heart, but you know if you’ve ever seen Geno ride, that the guy will ride any and all terrain; this board reflects that. After some tweaking to get my stance dialed, I was able to rail some hard toe edge turns and make some decent trenches with my heel edge. I suspect that my heel edge suffers a bit just because I’m wearing a size twelve on this 157 and probably am getting some heel drag when I really dig in, but that really is the extent of my complaints so far.

A typical day on the mountain for me consists of a few “warm up” hot laps, maybe a hike to wake up the legs, and then usually finding some good lines that include everything from boulder jumps in the trees to stump jibs and side hits. I think that if you do nothing but go fast all day, you’re probably going to miss some really fun lines on the mountain. This DWD stunt stick has made all of the above more fun for me this year. Yes, that statement reeks of hyperbole, but it is honestly how I feel. If I had to attribute that sentiment to one thing, I would say it is the additional pop I’m able to squeeze out of the flat camber as opposed to reverse.

Wrapping this up, I guess I would say that in an industry that feels like it is always being barraged with all sorts of new shapes and cambers, it truly is fun just getting on a board that you don’t need to read more than a dozen words to know what’s going on with it, or spend a ton of cash on, yet it rides better than most “top of the line” offerings from other brands. 

- Mark Seguin

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