Forrest Shearer  Nick Russell  Great View  Tram
Tuesday, May 13 2014


It seems that everyone claims that their local mountain is the best; and maybe it’s true. When it comes to the end of the season, most resorts close up around the end of April. Snowbird, however, is not “most resorts”. It is awesome to be blessed with a local mountain that provides a place to snowboard until at least Memorial Day, and sometimes, even July 4th!

 For some people the end of the season is a good thing, but for the passionate people that can't get enough, Snowbird provides the outlet to get out on the tram and get happy long runs! I never understand the rush to be done with the season. Isn't gliding down way better than walking down?!

 Have you ever heard the statement: “You can explain things to people, but you can't do the understanding for them”? Well, get out there and you might understand why so many people can't get enough. From day one at the Bird, there are never enough days up there. Snowbird is a very professional resort; the vibe is like Hotdog the movie meets Animal House! There are so many classic people having a great time and endless, unforgettable moments to experience. The contours of the mountains at Snowbird are beautiful. Whether it’s carving the groomed trails, popping off a cat track or doing a springtime pond skim, I recommend giving it a go. 

 Snowbird is still open until Memorial Day! So get out there and have the best time with family friends and heroes… You might never want it to stop.  -- Shane Charlebois

Photos: Andrew Miller

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